Rolex Submariner Restored After Being Found on the Ocean Floor

Imagine the thrill of stumbling upon a hidden treasure, especially one as valuable and sentimental as a Rolex Submariner watch. Australian surfer Matt Cuddihy experienced just that when he discovered a Rolex Submariner on the ocean floor off the coast of Noosa in Queensland. The watch, still ticking and engraved with a suggestive inscription, eventually led him to its owner, Ric Outrim. The timepiece, in need of serious restoration, caught the attention of Rolex, who generously restored it to its original glory. The heartwarming tale of the watch coming full circle has not only forged a deep bond between Cuddihy and Outrim but also serves as a reminder of the power of unexpected miracles.

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Finding the Rolex Submariner

Details about the discovery of the watch

Last summer, Australian surfer Matt Cuddihy made headlines when he stumbled upon a Rolex Submariner watch while diving in the waters off the coast of Noosa in Queensland. To his amazement, the watch was still ticking when he found it, and upon closer inspection, he discovered an inscription on the back that seemed to indicate its owner.

Profile of the finder Matt Cuddihy

Matt Cuddihy, the lucky individual who found the Rolex Submariner, is an avid surfer and adventurer. With his love for the ocean, it's no surprise that he spends a lot of time exploring the depths. Cuddihy's incredible discovery of the watch not only showcased his diving skills but also highlighted his keen eye for detail and his dedication to uncovering hidden treasures.

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Rolex Submariner’s origin and price range

The Rolex Submariner is a renowned timepiece known for its durability and style. It was initially designed for scuba diving and has since become an iconic symbol of luxury and adventure. With a price range that can exceed $10,000, the Rolex Submariner is highly sought after by collectors and watch alike.

The Initial Condition of the Found Rolex

Overview of the state of the found watch

When Matt Cuddihy retrieved the Rolex Submariner from the ocean floor, he realized that it was in a rough condition. The watch was in rust and corrosion, which had taken its toll on the once-pristine timepiece. It was clear that the watch had been exposed to the harsh marine environment for quite some time.

The impact of the harsh marine environment on the watch

The ocean's unforgiving conditions had severely affected the Rolex Submariner. The constant exposure to saltwater, rocks, and sand had caused significant damage to the watch's exterior and interior components. The rust and corrosion found on the watch were evident signs of how the marine environment had taken its toll on the timepiece.

How the braided watch band was destroyed by rocks and sand

One of the most noticeable damages to the Rolex Submariner was the destruction of its braided watch band. Over the course of five years, the constant rubbing against rocks and sand had torn the band apart, leaving it beyond repair. This further emphasized the challenging conditions the watch had endured during its time underwater.

Tracing the Owner of the Rolex

Inscription on the watch

Upon finding the Rolex Submariner, Matt Cuddihy discovered an inscription on the back of the watch that would eventually lead him to its rightful owner. The inscription served as a unique identifier and a crucial clue in the search for the owner's identity.

Media coverage and owner identification

The discovery of the Rolex Submariner quickly gained media attention, and the story of the watch's miraculous find spread far and wide. It was through this media coverage that the owner, Ric Outrim, came across the news and recognized the watch as his own. The publicity surrounding the story played a significant role in reuniting the watch with its rightful owner.

Meeting between Matt Cuddihy and Ric Outrim

Once the owner, Ric Outrim, was identified, a meeting was arranged between him and Matt Cuddihy. The two individuals finally came face to face, sharing their stories and experiences surrounding the watch. This meeting marked the beginning of a unique bond that would develop between the finder and the owner.

Rolex’s Interest in the Restoration

Rolex’s offer to restore the watch

Upon learning about the condition of the Rolex Submariner, Rolex itself expressed a keen interest in restoring the watch to its original glory. The company recognized the historical and sentimental value of the timepiece and wanted to ensure its preservation for future generations.

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Restoration process from Rolex’s perspective

Rolex embarked on a meticulous restoration process to bring the Submariner back to life. The highly skilled watchmakers at Rolex dedicated themselves to carefully disassembling and cleaning each component of the watch. They repaired and replaced damaged parts, ensuring that the watch regained its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Reaction of the watch owner to restoration

Ric Outrim was overwhelmed with gratitude upon hearing of Rolex's offer to restore his beloved Rolex Submariner. He expressed his appreciation for the effort and attention to detail put into the restoration process. The restoration not only brought the watch back to its former glory but also provided Outrim with a renewed sense of connection to his cherished timepiece.

The Outcome of the Restoration

The Rolex Submariner post-restoration

After the restoration, the Rolex Submariner looked as good as new. The skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail showcased by the Rolex team were evident in the final result. The watch had regained its luster and functionality, breathing new life into a once seemingly lost and damaged timepiece.

Addition of a new metal band

As part of the restoration process, Rolex decided to replace the destroyed braided watch band with a new metal band. This addition further enhanced the watch's appearance and durability, ensuring that it could be worn and cherished for many years to come.

Comparison of the watch’s condition before and after restoration

The transformation of the Rolex Submariner was truly remarkable. Comparing its condition before and after restoration highlighted the incredible skill and dedication of the Rolex team. The watch had gone from being rusted and deteriorated to a pristine and fully functional timepiece, reflecting its former glory and historical significance.

Rolex Team’s Contribution to the Restoration

Rolex team’s effort in the restoration

The Rolex team demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise throughout the restoration process. Their attention to detail, precision, and commitment to preserving the watch's history and sentimental value were instrumental in the successful restoration of the Rolex Submariner.

Remuneration or recognition received by the Rolex team

While specific details of remuneration or recognition received by the Rolex team are not provided, it is evident that their contribution to the restoration was highly valued. Their dedication to their craft and their commitment to preserving the legacy of Rolex as a brand were showcased through their exceptional work.

Lunch between the watch owner and Rolex’s team

As a gesture of gratitude, a lunch was arranged between the watch owner, Ric Outrim, and the Rolex team. This lunch provided an opportunity for both parties to express their appreciation and share their experiences throughout the restoration process. It further emphasized the bond that had formed between them.

Significance of the Rolex to the Owner

Details about how Ric Outrim got the watch

Ric Outrim received the Rolex Submariner as a gift from his father when he was 18 years old. His father had once served in the Royal Australian Navy, and the watch held deep sentimental value for both of them. It served as a symbol of their bond and a reminder of their shared experiences.

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Ric Outrim’s emotional attachment to the watch

The Rolex Submariner held immense emotional significance for Ric Outrim. Having worn it for nearly 50 years, the watch had become a part of his identity and a cherished memento of his father. Its loss in the ocean off Noosa devastated him, and the return of the watch and its subsequent restoration brought about a wave of for Outrim.

Impression of the restored Rolex

The restored Rolex Submariner made a profound impression on Ric Outrim. The timepiece, once lost and damaged, had been lovingly restored to its former glory. Outrim could not help but be amazed at the transformation and the incredible craftsmanship that went into bringing his beloved watch back to life.

Impact of the Rolex Restoration on Outrim

Outrim’s feeling after the restoration

The restoration of the Rolex Submariner had a significant impact on Ric Outrim. The return of his once lost watch and its subsequent restoration provided him with a sense of closure and healing. The watch, now restored to its former beauty, held even greater sentimental value for Outrim, serving as a reminder of the remarkable journey it had been on.

How the experience affected Ric Outrim

The whole experience of losing the watch, its discovery by Matt Cuddihy, and its subsequent restoration had a profound effect on Ric Outrim. It reminded him of the kindness of strangers and the unexpected twists that life can bring. Outrim's connection to the watch deepened through the rollercoaster of he experienced, ultimately bringing him greater appreciation for the watch and the memories it held.

Quote from Ric Outrim about the entire experience

Describing his gratitude and the impact of the entire experience, Ric Outrim shared, “I am so grateful for this to be returned. It's unbelievable. You would never think this could happen. I am so emotional.” This quote encapsulates the profound effect that the discovery and restoration of the Rolex Submariner had on Outrim.

Bond Between the Rolex Finder and Owner

Development of friendship between Cuddihy and Outrim

The remarkable chain of events that unfolded around the Rolex Submariner created a strong bond between Matt Cuddihy and Ric Outrim. Their shared experience, from the initial find to the restoration process, brought them together as friends. The connection forged through their journey was a testament to the power of meaningful encounters.

Ric Outrim’s sentiment about Matt Cuddihy

Ric Outrim held Matt Cuddihy in high regard for his role in finding and returning the Rolex Submariner. Outrim expressed his desire to have Cuddihy as a friend for the rest of his life, emphasizing Cuddihy's character and the respect he had gained through their shared experience.

How the experience brought them together

The discovery and restoration of the Rolex Submariner not only brought the watch back into Ric Outrim's life but also formed a lasting bond between Outrim and Matt Cuddihy. The shared journey they embarked upon demonstrates how a chance encounter and an act of kindness can lead to a transformative and enduring friendship.

Public Reaction to the Rolex Restoration Story

Public’s reaction to the story

The Rolex restoration story captured the attention of the public and garnered significant interest. People were fascinated by the remarkable discovery, the restoration process, and the emotional significance associated with the watch. The story resonated with individuals who appreciate tales of remarkable finds and acts of kindness.

Media coverage of the Rolex restoration story

The media played a crucial role in spreading the Rolex restoration story far and wide. The coverage generated a considerable amount of buzz, amplifying the impact of the story and enabling the owner to identify the watch. The media's engagement with the story highlighted the power of storytelling and its ability to connect people from different backgrounds and locations.

Influence of the story on Rolex’s reputation and sales

The Rolex restoration story showcased the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, preservation, and customer satisfaction. The meticulous restoration process demonstrated Rolex's dedication to ensuring the longevity and quality of their timepieces. It further enhanced Rolex's reputation as a luxury brand, potentially leading to an increase in sales as consumers witnessed the care and attention given to the restoration of a vintage Rolex Submariner.

In conclusion, the remarkable story of the found and restored Rolex Submariner exemplifies the power of chance encounters, acts of kindness, and the enduring connections forged through shared experiences. The bond between Matt Cuddihy and Ric Outrim, the meticulous restoration by the Rolex team, and the public's fascination with the story all contribute to the legacy of the watch and its significance in the lives of those involved.


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