These Mountain-Inspired Whiskey Glasses Are ‘Works of Art,’ and They’re Less Than $8 Each

Imagine sitting by a crackling campfire, taking a sip of smooth whiskey, and admiring the breathtaking view of a mountain range. It sounds like the perfect outdoor experience, doesn't it? Whiskey Peaks knows how to capture that spirit with their mountain-inspired whiskey glasses that are not only functional but works of art. These glasses feature three-dimensional, topographic designs of iconic mountain ranges at the bottom, adding a touch of ruggedness and adventure to your drinking experience. And the best part? You can get a set of four glasses for just $30 on Huckberry, making them an affordable and stylish addition to your home bar. Cheers to adventure and good taste!

About Whiskey Peaks

Whiskey Peaks is a Huckberry-exclusive brand that creates stylish and unique whiskey glasses and decanters. What sets these glasses apart is their three-dimensional, topographic designs of iconic mountain ranges at the bottom of each glass. This combination of whiskey and the outdoors creates a special connection that appeals to both whiskey drinkers and outdoor enthusiasts. The glasses provide a wonderful experience while sipping whiskey, especially in outdoor settings like around a campfire after a challenging hike.

The Design of the Glasses

The design of Whiskey Peaks glasses is what truly makes them stand out. Each glass incorporates a topographic design, showcasing the intricate details of well-known mountain ranges. The 3D mountain ranges at the bottom of the glasses add a unique and visually stunning element to the glassware. This design appeals to whiskey drinkers who appreciate craftsmanship and aesthetics, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who love the connection between nature and their favorite spirit.

Current Sale at Huckberry

Huckberry is currently offering a significant discount on Whiskey Peaks glasses. The sets of four glasses, which usually retail for $50, are available for just $30. This means that each glass comes down to less than $8 apiece. This sale presents an excellent opportunity to get your hands on these high-quality and visually appealing glasses at an affordable price. Don't miss out on this chance to upgrade your glassware collection.


Whiskey Peaks offers a range of different mountain ranges to choose from. Whether you prefer the American mountains or international peaks, there is an option for everyone. The sets of four glasses feature designs such as Zion, Grand Tetons, the Rockies, Half Dome, Mt. Whitney, Mt. Rainier, Denali, Mt. Fuji, Kilimanjaro, Everest, and Matterhorn. Whether you want a set with the same four glasses or one that includes different designs, Whiskey Peaks has you .

Material and Build of Whiskey Peaks Glasses

Whiskey Peaks glasses are made from lead-free borosilicate glass, which offers several advantages. Borosilicate glass is known for its resistance to thermal shock, meaning it can handle sudden changes in temperature without cracking or breaking. This glass material is also more durable than traditional soda-lime glass, ensuring your glasses will withstand regular use. The glasses are available in both double-walled and single-walled , with the former providing insulation and the ability to keep cold drinks chilled.

Additional Variety of Sets

In addition to the sets of four glasses, Whiskey Peaks also offers sets of two whiskey glasses. These sets include additional of mountain ranges such as the Grand Canyon, Mt. Washington, and Diamond Head. The sets of two are priced at $15 for the pair, making them an affordable choice for smaller gatherings or as gifts. Whiskey Peaks also occasionally offers special offers on sets of two glasses, providing even more value to customers.

Buyer’s Feedback

Buyers have praised Whiskey Peaks glasses for being excellent conversation starters. The unique and visually appealing design of the glasses often sparks discussions about travel memories and outdoor adventures. Many buyers appreciate how the glasses serve as reminders of the parks and mountains they have visited, adding a sentimental touch to their drinking experience. Craftsmanship is another aspect that buyers appreciate, with many describing the glasses as “works of art.”


Whiskey Peaks glasses offer a wonderful way to reminisce about travel experiences. The intricate mountain range designs serve as a visual reminder of the natural beauty witnessed during trips. However, it's worth noting that the shape of the glasses may limit the ability to add ice. The glasses are best suited for enjoying neat drinks or cocktails without ice. They are an ideal addition to your home bar, allowing you to showcase your love for whiskey and the great outdoors.

Market Comparison

Whiskey Peaks glasses stand out in the market due to their rarity, uniqueness, and value for money proposition. It is difficult to find borosilicate whiskey glasses of this quality at such an affordable price point. The 3D topographic designs of iconic mountain ranges make these glasses truly one-of-a-kind and highly sought after. Compared to other glasses on the market, Whiskey Peaks glasses offer an exceptional combination of aesthetics, durability, and affordability.

Availability and Purchase

Whiskey Peaks glasses are incredibly popular on Huckberry, and it's important to act fast before stocks run out. The ongoing sale at Huckberry provides an excellent opportunity to purchase these glasses at a discounted price. To purchase Whiskey Peaks glasses, simply visit the Huckberry website and browse their selection. Choose the set or sets that appeal to you the most and proceed with the purchase. Upgrade your drinking experience and enjoy whiskey in style with Whiskey Peaks glasses.


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