Study Finds How Weed Affects Emotions, Performance in Workouts

Looking to spice up your workouts? A recent study conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder found that cannabis consumption before exercise can have an impact on both our emotions and performance. The study involved 42 runners who had previously used cannabis before working out, and their experiences were observed while running on a treadmill under the influence of either THC or CBD-heavy cannabis. Surprisingly, participants reported feeling a greater sense of exertion and euphoria when they smoked before working out, suggesting that cannabis could potentially motivate individuals who are typically less active to engage in physical activity. However, it's important to strike a balance and not let the munchies undo all your hard work at the gym.

Background of the Study

The initiative of the University of Colorado Boulder

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder, who wanted to delve into the effects of pre-workout cannabis consumption on exercise and mental state. With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis for recreational use in various states, it became essential to explore the impact of cannabis on physical performance and overall well-being during workouts.

The involvement of cannabis in recreational activities

Consumption of cannabis has become increasingly prevalent in recreational activities. People have started incorporating it into various aspects of their lives, including exercise. The researchers aimed to understand the dynamics of using cannabis before workouts and how it influences individuals' experiences during physical activity.

Increasing trend of cannabis consumption before workouts

As the acceptance and use of cannabis have expanded, a trend has emerged with individuals consuming cannabis before engaging in exercise. The researchers noticed this pattern and decided to investigate the effects of cannabis on mental and physical conditions during workouts. Their findings shed light on the implications and potential of cannabis use in routines.

Focus of the Study

Mental effects during exercise with cannabis consumption

One of the primary focuses of the study was to analyze the mental effects experienced by individuals who consumed cannabis before exercise. By monitoring the mental states of the participants, the researchers aimed to determine if cannabis altered their perception of exertion and overall enjoyment of physical activity.

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Physical performance during workouts with pre-consumption of cannabis

The study also aimed to examine the impact of pre-workout cannabis consumption on physical performance. By observing the participants' performance on a treadmill test, the researchers sought to uncover any differences in physical capabilities and exertion levels when compared to sober workouts.


Details of the study participants

To conduct the study, the researchers worked with 42 runners who had previous experience using cannabis before working out. This selection allowed the researchers to gather insights from individuals who were familiar with the effects of cannabis on their exercise routines.

Implementation of the treadmill test

The participants underwent a treadmill test to evaluate their physical performance. The researchers compared the participants' performance during sober workouts to their performance while under the influence of either THC- or CBD-heavy cannabis. This approach provided a basis for understanding the impact of different cannabis compositions on exercise.

Difference between THC and CBD heavy cannabis effect on exercise

To delve deeper into the study, the researchers considered the potential differences in effects between THC-heavy and CBD-heavy cannabis. By comparing the experiences of participants using these different compositions, the researchers aimed to identify whether the specific components of cannabis influenced exercise outcomes.

Outcomes of the Study

Comparison of exertion level between sober and stimulated runners

The study revealed that participants reported “more exertion” during runs where they consumed cannabis beforehand compared to sober workouts. This finding suggested that cannabis consumption before exercise might require individuals to exert more effort during physical activity. However, it is important to note that increased exertion did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the exercise experience.

The enhanced euphoria from cannabis consumption prior workouts

Participants in the study reported a stronger sense of euphoria when exercising after consuming cannabis. This mental state was particularly prominent in CBD users, who exhibited better moods compared to the THC group. The enhanced euphoria shed light on the potential positive impact of cannabis consumption on individuals' mental state during workouts.

Implications for CBD and THC Users

The mood-enhancing for CBD users

For individuals who prefer CBD-heavy cannabis, the study's findings held promising implications. CBD users experienced enhanced moods and a greater sense of euphoria during workouts. These may encourage CBD users to engage in physical activity more consistently, promoting a positive connection between cannabis consumption and exercise.

Differences in performance and response between THC and CBD consumers

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The study also highlighted differences in performance and response between THC and CBD consumers. While both groups experienced increased exertion, the mood-enhancing effects were more pronounced in CBD users. This distinction suggested that individuals seeking specific outcomes during workouts might select cannabis compositions based on their desired mental and physical experiences.

Role of Cannabis in

Cannabis as a possible way of encouraging sedentary individuals to engage in physical activity

The researchers emphasized the potential role of cannabis in encouraging sedentary individuals to become more physically active. With an epidemic of sedentary lifestyles plaguing many, exploring new tools that make physical activity more enjoyable is crucial. Cannabis could serve as one of those tools, motivating individuals who are otherwise inactive to engage in exercise routines.

Discussion on the nature of cannabis as a performance-enhancing drug or not

While the study did not classify cannabis as a performance-enhancing drug, it shed light on its potential impact on individual performance during workouts. Cannabis may not directly enhance physical capabilities, but it can contribute to a more positive mental state, leading to greater enjoyment and adherence to exercise routines.

Potential Benefits

Promotion of an enjoyable physical move

Cannabis consumption before exercise has the potential to promote a more enjoyable physical experience. The heightened euphoria reported by participants suggests that cannabis can contribute to a positive mental state during workouts. This may result in individuals associating exercise with pleasure and ultimately leading to more regular physical activity.

Exploring cannabis as a tool to promote physical activity

Cannabis can be explored as a tool for promoting physical activity, particularly among individuals who struggle to engage in exercise routines. By creating a positive connection between cannabis consumption and physical activity, individuals may feel more motivated and enthusiastic about incorporating exercise into their daily lives.

Risks and Precautions

Caution against excessive indulgence

While cannabis consumption before exercise can provide certain benefits, it is crucial to exercise caution and avoid excessive indulgence. Overconsumption of cannabis may lead to impaired judgment and coordination, which can pose risks during physical activity. It is essential to find the right balance and consume cannabis responsibly, ensuring that it enhances rather than hinders the exercise experience.

Understanding the balance between the potential harms and benefits

When considering cannabis consumption before exercise, it is important to understand and weigh the potential harms and benefits. While cannabis may contribute to a more positive mental state, there are also potential risks associated with impaired coordination and judgment. Individuals should assess their own tolerance and ensure that cannabis enhances their exercise experience without compromising safety.

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Discussion on the risk of munchies post-workout

One potential risk associated with cannabis consumption after workouts is the notorious “munchies” phenomenon. Cannabis has been known to stimulate appetite, which may lead individuals to consume excessive calories post-workout. To mitigate this risk, individuals should be mindful of their food choices and maintain a balanced diet to avoid undoing the hard work put into their exercise routines.

Further Research Avenues

The need for more research on the subject

While the study provides valuable insights into the effects of cannabis on exercise, further research is necessary to deepen our understanding. As cannabis consumption becomes more prevalent, it is important to conduct rigorous research to explore its impact on physical performance, mental state, and the overall well-being of individuals during exercise.

Potential exploration areas based on the results

Based on the study's findings, further research could focus on exploring the optimal strains and dosages of cannabis for specific exercise goals. Understanding how different cannabis compositions influence exercise outcomes can pave the way for personalized approaches to cannabis consumption in fitness routines. Additionally, studying the long-term effects of cannabis use before exercise can provide valuable insights into its sustainability and efficacy as a wellness tool.


Recap and interpretation of study results

The study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder sheds light on the effects of pre-workout cannabis consumption on exercise. The participants who consumed cannabis before working out reported increased exertion levels and a heightened sense of euphoria. The findings suggest that cannabis can contribute to a more enjoyable exercise experience, potentially promoting physical activity among sedentary individuals.

Significance of the study in the context of fitness and cannabis consumption

This study holds significance in bridging the gap between fitness and cannabis consumption. By exploring the effects of cannabis on mental states and physical performance during workouts, it opens avenues for further research and discussions on the integration of cannabis into fitness routines. The study's findings provide insights into the potential benefits and risks associated with cannabis use in the context of exercise.

Potential for future applications and research

The study's findings lay the groundwork for future applications and research in understanding the relationship between cannabis and fitness. Further research can explore personalized approaches to cannabis consumption, optimal strains and dosages, and the long-term effects of cannabis use on exercise outcomes. Understanding these dynamics can unlock the potential of cannabis as a tool for promoting physical activity and overall well-being.


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