Social Media Reacts to Tinder’s New $500-Per-Month Tier

Tinder recently introduced its new $499-per-month Select tier, which has garnered mixed from social media users. The Select tier offers users increased profile visibility, the ability to send messages to non-matches, and access to popular profiles in their area. Despite these features, many people remain skeptical about the value of a dating service that costs nearly $6,000 a year. Some users suggested that hiring a local matchmaker would be a more practical option for those with $500 per month to spare. Others expressed disbelief at the high price point and questioned whether it justified the investment. Although a few individuals shared their condolences to those choosing to pay for Select, it was difficult to find anyone who voiced a positive opinion about the new tier. Overall, the general sentiment on social media seems to be that spending $500 a month on Tinder is not a wise decision when there are more affordable alternatives available.

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Overview of Tinder’s New Pricey Tier

Tinder recently introduced a $499 per month service called Select, which has garnered a lot of attention and skepticism in the online dating community. This high-priced tier allows users, on an invite-only basis, to increase their profile visibility, send messages to non-matched users, and view the most popular profiles in their area. According to Mark Van Ryswyk, Tinder's Chief Product Officer, the creation of Select was based on extensive testing and feedback. In this article, we will explore the selection process for users, the benefits of being a “Select” user, and the initial on social media.

Selection process for users

Tinder's Select tier operates on an exclusive invite-only basis. The company carefully selects users based on undisclosed criteria. This selection process aims to create a sense of exclusivity and cater to high-profile individuals who may be seeking a premium dating experience. By limiting the number of users who can access this service, Tinder hopes to maintain the quality and desirability of the Select tier.

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Benefits granted to ‘Select' users according to Tinder's CPO

According to Tinder's Chief Product Officer, Select users receive several benefits that set them apart from regular users. These benefits include increased profile visibility, the ability to send messages to profiles they haven't matched with, and access to the most popular profiles in their area. By offering these exclusive features, Tinder aims to enhance the overall user experience for those willing to invest in the premium service.

Initial Reactions on Social Media

Upon the announcement of Tinder's $499 per month service, social media was flooded with reactions ranging from disbelief to outright mockery. Many users expressed their surprise and skepticism at the steep price tag associated with the Select tier. Prevailing sentiment suggested that spending such a considerable amount of money on a dating service seemed unwarranted and wasteful.

Tweet reactions seeing the price tag

Twitter users wasted no time in sharing their thoughts on Tinder's premium pricing. Some users jokingly compared it to the cost of hiring a local matchmaker, questioning why anyone would choose to pay $500 a month instead. Others expressed shock and amusement, creating humorous memes and sharing them online to emphasize their disbelief at the exorbitant price.

Comparisons made to the price of local matchmakers

One prevailing theme in the online conversation was the comparison between Tinder Select's price and the cost of hiring a professional matchmaker. Many users suggested that investing in personalized matchmaking services would be a more cost-effective and practical approach to finding a partner. These comparisons highlighted the seemingly excessive nature of Tinder's premium pricing.

Public Judgment of who would use such a service

The introduction of Tinder Select sparked public judgment and speculation regarding who would be willing to pay $500 per month for an exclusive dating service. Some social media users expressed negative opinions about those willing to spend such a substantial amount, questioning their priorities and sense of financial responsibility. This judgment showcased the divide between those who saw value in a premium dating experience and those who viewed it as unnecessary and wasteful.

Negative reactions to users willing to pay $500

The online discourse surrounding Tinder Select was rife with negative reactions towards individuals who expressed their willingness to pay $500 per month for the premium service. These reactions ranged from mild disapproval to outright condemnation, with users expressing their disbelief and questioning the rationale behind such a significant investment in a dating app.

Viewpoints questioning the users’ sense of finance

Many Twitter users expressed their concerns regarding the financial judgment of those willing to spend $500 per month on a dating app. They questioned whether these individuals were making wise financial decisions or potentially overspending on something that might not yield the desired results. These viewpoints further contributed to the skepticism and judgment surrounding Tinder Select users.

Twitter reactions mocking Tinder’s premium plan

Twitter became a platform for mocking Tinder's premium plan, with users sharing witty and sarcastic remarks about the service. These reactions often took the form of humorous tweets, memes, and even cartoons that caricatured the pricing strategy. By using humor, individuals were able to express their criticism and disbelief in a lighthearted and engaging way.

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Jokes and negative reactions to the pricing

The jokes and negative reactions towards Tinder's premium pricing were abundant on social media. Users used sarcasm and irony to highlight the perceived absurdity of spending $500 a month on a dating service. These reactions contributed to the overall sentiment that Tinder's pricing strategy was outlandish and impractical.

Suggestions for other ways to spend $500

In response to Tinder's premium plan, Twitter users suggested various alternative ways to spend $500 per month. These alternatives included gym memberships, streaming subscriptions, and even financial investments that could provide a better return on investment. These suggestions further emphasized the public's skepticism towards the value proposition of Tinder's premium service.

Assertions doubting the success of the premium plan

Public sentiment on social media was highly critical of the effectiveness and success rate of Tinder's premium plan. Many individuals doubted whether paying $500 per month would significantly improve one's chances of finding a meaningful connection. These assertions highlighted skepticism towards the service's price-performance ratio and questioned the need for such an expensive dating service.

Public skepticism towards the price-performance ratio

Public skepticism towards the price-performance ratio of Tinder's premium plan was a prevalent theme in online discussions. Many social media users expressed doubts about whether the benefits offered by the Select tier justified its hefty price tag. This skepticism emphasized a prevailing sentiment that the value provided by the premium service was simply not worth the investment.

Opinions challenging the need for such a high-priced dating service

A significant number of individuals expressed their opinions challenging the need for such a high-priced dating service like Tinder Select. They questioned the necessity of paying $500 per month for features that were not essential for finding a partner. These opinions showcased a belief that love and meaningful connections should not come at such a significant financial cost.

Twitter caricatures of Tinder’s pricing

Twitter users creatively responded to Tinder's pricing by sharing caricatures that portrayed the absurdity of the $499 per month plan. These humorous depictions often used exaggerated imagery and clever captions to mock the pricing strategy, further fueling the public's disapproval of the premium service.

Humorous analogies mocking Tinder’s premium plan

Social media was filled with humorous analogies that mocked Tinder's premium plan. Users drew comparisons between the cost of the service and various other items or experiences to emphasize the seemingly excessive nature of the pricing strategy. These analogies aimed to ridicule the premium plan and its value proposition.

Funny Twitter reactions regarding the $499 plan

Twitter reactions regarding the $499 plan were abundant and often delivered with a dose of humor. Users shared funny tweets and witty one-liners to express their amusement, disbelief, and criticism of Tinder's pricing strategy. These reactions served as a platform for individuals to engage with the topic and share their opinions in an entertaining manner.

Detailed comparisons with other premium services

Online discussions about Tinder's premium plan involved detailed comparisons with other premium subscription services. Twitter users compiled lists of alternative subscriptions that could be obtained for the same price as Tinder Select. This comparison shed light on the perceived lack of value provided by the premium plan and highlighted more cost-effective available to consumers.

A list of 11 premium subscriptions for the same price as Tinder’s premium plan

One Twitter user compiled a list of 11 premium subscriptions that could be obtained for the same monthly price as Tinder's premium plan. This list included popular memberships like Costco, gym memberships, Amazon Prime, and various streaming services. The list aimed to draw attention to the wide range of services and benefits one could access for the same cost as Tinder Select.

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Twitter reactions on the price comparison

The price comparison between Tinder's premium plan and other subscriptions sparked numerous reactions on Twitter. Users expressed their surprise, amusement, and dissatisfaction with the cost of the dating service when compared to other premium offerings. These reactions emphasized the public's perception of Tinder's pricing as excessive and unnecessary.

Mockery of similarities between $4.99 and $499 price points

The proximity of the $4.99 and $499 price points sparked mockery and ridicule on social media. Twitter users humorously highlighted the potential confusion and accidental selection of the more expensive option. This mockery underlined the perceived lack of value associated with Tinder Select's pricing and further contributed to the negative sentiment surrounding the premium plan.

Public sentiments of being swindled

Some individuals felt a sense of being swindled by Tinder's pricing strategy. They believed that the company was taking advantage of users' desire for meaningful connections and exploiting them by offering an overpriced service. These public sentiments reflected a feeling of disappointment and discontent with Tinder's approach to their premium plan.

Twitter reactions expressing discontent with Tinder’s pricing strategy

Twitter became a platform for expressing discontent with Tinder's pricing strategy. Users shared their frustrations and disappointment, often in a humorous or sarcastic way, to voice their concerns. The reactions conveyed a strong sense of disappointment with the company's decision to create a premium plan that seemed out of touch with users' financial expectations.

Pity tweets for those who paid $500 and got no matches

Twitter users expressed sympathy for those who had paid $500 for Tinder's premium service but did not receive the desired outcomes. These pity tweets conveyed a sense of disappointment for those who invested a significant amount of money in the hope of finding love, only to end up without any meaningful matches. The sentiment emphasized the perceived ineffectiveness of Tinder Select.

Condolences for users who invested in the premium plan

Social media users shared their condolences for individuals who had invested in Tinder's premium plan, suggesting that they had wasted their money. These tweets conveyed a sense of empathy and for those who fell for the allure of the premium service but did not achieve the desired results. The condolences showcased a general sentiment that Tinder Select may not live up to its promises.

Overall public sympathy for users who fell for the expensive plan

Public sympathy was evident for individuals who fell for Tinder's expensive premium plan. Many social media users expressed and empathy, acknowledging that the allure of finding love may have led them to invest in the service. The overall sentiment conveyed a sense of solidarity with those who had paid a significant amount but may have been let down by the premium offering.

Notable absence of positive reactions

One notable aspect of the public response to Tinder's premium plan was the scarce presence of positive reactions. Throughout social media, it was difficult to find individuals who openly supported or voiced a positive opinion about the service. The overall sentiment was overwhelmingly negative, with users expressing disbelief, mockery, and disappointment.

Difficulty in finding supportive opinions

Supportive opinions were few and far between when it came to Tinder's premium plan. Social media users expressed difficulty in finding individuals who felt that the service justified its high price tag. This difficulty further emphasized the public's skepticism and doubt regarding the value proposition of Tinder Select.

Public opinion that the premium plan is a sad attempt to find love

One prevailing public opinion was that Tinder's premium plan was viewed as a sad attempt to find love. Many individuals expressed their belief that true connections and meaningful relationships could not be bought for such a high price. This sentiment suggested that the premium plan may not align with users' values and expectations when it comes to dating.

In conclusion, Tinder's new pricey tier, Select, has generated significant backlash and skepticism on social media. The high price tag, coupled with public judgment and mockery, has raised questions about the value and need for such an exclusive dating service. The overall sentiment expressed on social media highlights a general disbelief and cynicism towards Tinder's pricing strategy and the effectiveness of its premium plan.


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