Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha Review

Experience the unparalleled decadence and tradition of Japanese tea culture with “Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea”. This premium combination features our USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha – a velvety, full-bodied matcha grown exclusively in the esteemed region of Uji, Japan and meticulously prepared for traditional whisking. Complementing this is our USDA Organic Roasted Hojicha Powder, carefully crafted to present a uniquely authentic tea experience with its rich chocolate and earthy tasting notes. Indulge in the vibrant emerald allure of 100% pure stone-ground matcha that presents just the right balance of creaminess and sweetness without the use of added sugar or preservatives. A moderate caffeine content of 40-80mg ensures sustained energy for up to 6 hours. Revel in the authenticity offered by shade-grown matcha from our exclusive Uji farm, guaranteed to deliver high-quality matcha with zero risk. This premium product from , co-founded by Dr. Andrew Weil and internationally renowned, comes with an accompanying app, giving you a deeper insight into your consummate tea experience.

Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea

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Why Consider This Product?

Introducing the Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea, a blend of sophistication and century-old Japanese tradition. Whisking yourself into a cup of this exceptional tea will bring you to the pinnacle of your tea experience. Crafted from the choicest tea leaves exclusively grown in Uji, Japan's prime tea region, you will fall in love with its smooth, full-bodied flavor that doesn't compromise on richness and authenticity. Endorsed by professionals and loved by customers worldwide, this product is nothing short of excellence.

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The foothold of its impression lies in its basis of science. With commendable and commitment, this blend is co-founded by Dr. Andrew Weil, an internationally recognized leader in integrative medicine. Not just backed by science, but also approved and certified by USDA's organic standards, a testament to the product's commitment to quality, flavor, and health.

Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea

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Features and

USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

This matcha stands out for its exceptional quality and traditional richness. Its USDA Organic Certification assures you of its purity and natural components, free from harmful chemicals and artificial enhancers.

Roasted Hojicha Powder

A unique aspect of our Matcha blend includes the Roasted Hojicha powder, a traditional Japanese tea, and a flavorful gem with chocolate and earthy undertones.

Vibrant Color and Pure Taste

Beyond its visual elegance of emerald green richness, the taste of our matcha blend is creamy, with a touch of natural sweetness, making every sip an indulgence.

Exclusive Harvest To Whisk Process

Maintaining the most authentic way of preparing matcha, our Matcha Kari ensures superior quality from harvest to whisk.

Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea

Product Quality

Significantly, the ‘Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea' shines in quality due to the traditional and proprietary methods used in its manufacturing. This tea embodies the spirit of Japanese tea excellence, promising maximum flavor and effectiveness.

What It’s Used For

Traditional Tea Preparation

The product is most ideally suited for traditional tea preparation, offering an authentic Japanese tea experience right at your home.

Energy Boost

With a caffeine boost ranging from 40-80 mg, it provides sustained energy for 4-6 hours, making it a healthier to coffee.

Culinary Uses

It is not just limited to tea. This versatile blend can also find its way in smoothies, lattes, baking, and cooking.

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Wellness Companion

Thanks to its wealth of antioxidants and organic health benefits, it acts as a wellness companion, positively impacting your body and mind.

Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea

Product Specifications

Product Name Certification Components Origin Net Weight
Matcha Kari Ceremonial Matcha + Roasted Hojicha Tea USDA Organic Matcha and Hojicha Uji, Japan 100g Matcha + 500g Hojicha

Who Needs This

Persons who appreciate a good cup of tea and those in search of potential health benefits that come with authentic Japanese tea would find this product beneficial. It would cater to tea enthusiasts, living individuals, chefs, bakers, and those needing a sustainable energy source.

Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea

Pros and Cons

While the benefits include purity, tradition, health benefits, organic, and an energy boost, one concern could be its relative costliness compared to standard tea bags.


This section can explore common questions around usage guidelines, health implications, and more.

Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea

What Customers Are Saying

Use this section to showcase positive customer reviews about taste, quality, and freshness of the product.

Overall Value

Despite its cost, the health factors and exclusive experience it provides set ‘Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea' as an excellent value purchase.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

Highlight easy steps and additional items that could enhance the tea experience such as matcha whisk set, correct water temperature, etc.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In a nutshell, authenticity, health benefits, unique flavors define ‘Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea'.

Final Recommendation

For a truly extraordinary tea experience that melds tradition, taste, and wellness, look no further and add this blend to your tea collection.

Check out the Matcha Kari 100g Ceremonial Matcha + 500g Roasted Hojicha Tea here.

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