Lost Rolex Sold at Auction for 20 Times Its Purchase Price

Imagine stumbling upon a lost item that turns out to be worth significantly more than what you paid for it. That's exactly what happened to one lucky buyer at Greasby's auction house in London. In a recent article published by The Telegraph, a buyer named “Rupert” shared his story of purchasing a Rolex for £500 at the auction, only to later discover its true value to be £10,000. This unexpected windfall allowed Rupert to pay off some debts and serves as a testament to the incredible opportunities that can arise from buying and selling items at auction. In a world where fake luxury watches flood the market, Rupert's stroke of luck is a reminder that sometimes, taking a chance can pay off in unimaginable ways.

Background of Greasby’s Auction House

Greasby's Auction House has been a prominent establishment since its establishment in 1919. It serves as a reliable platform where London's public transportation system takes lost items. Over the years, Greasby's has expanded its core business operations to include not only Transport for London lost and found items but also museum lost property, police evidence, and items from household and shop clearances.

Regular Patrons and Auction Culture

The auction house has cultivated a community of regular buyers who have come to appreciate the unique opportunities it offers. These buyers vary in their profiles, ranging from enthusiastic collectors and antique enthusiasts to savvy entrepreneurs looking for profitable opportunities.

One of the main attractions of Greasby's Auction House is the potential for profit that comes with bidding on auctioned items. Regular patrons know that there is a chance to discover undervalued treasures and turn them into lucrative investments. The thrill and excitement of participating in the bidding process adds an element of competitiveness to the auction culture at Greasby's.

The unexpected Rolex deal

An intriguing story that emerged from Greasby's Auction House involves a man named Rupert, who stumbled upon a remarkable deal. Rupert, who works part-time at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), has a side gig of buying and selling tech. He often participates in auctions at Greasby's, seeking devices, earbuds, headphones, and other tech items to resell online.

In one extraordinary instance, Rupert purchased a Rolex at Greasby's auction for an incredibly low price of £500. Little did he know that this seemingly ordinary purchase would turn out to be an exceptional .

Other Investments of the Rolex Buyer

While the Rolex deal was undoubtedly the highlight of Rupert's auction endeavors, it was not his only successful . Rupert shared that he and his partner often allocate a significant portion of their budget at auctions to purchase various tech items. They aim to double their investment by reselling these items online.

Rupert's strategy involves carefully selecting devices, earbuds, headphones, and other tech items that have a high potential for demand in the online market. Although this method comes with its fair share of risks, Rupert's track record shows that it can be a profitable venture.

The reselling of the Rolex

To Rupert's surprise, the Rolex he acquired at the auction turned out to be worth £10,000, a staggering twenty times the purchase price. The absence of identification papers for the Rolex did not deter potential buyers, as its authenticity was later confirmed.

Rupert's successful resale of the Rolex served as a testament to the value he found in participating in auctions. It validated his belief that there are often hidden gems and untapped potential in auctioned items that can lead to substantial profits.

Usage of the Profit Made

When asked how he used the proceeds from the Rolex sale, Rupert revealed that he prioritized responsible financial decisions. Rather than indulging in luxury spending or going on a lavish vacation, he opted to pay off some debts. This practical approach showcases Rupert's level-headedness and demonstrates that he views auction purchases as a means to improve his financial situation.

Luck and Risks at Auctions

While Rupert's success story with the Rolex highlights the potential rewards of participating in auctions, it also underlines the presence of risks. Auctions can be a double-edged sword, offering both opportunities for great bargains and potential pitfalls.

One risk that auction buyers must be wary of is the possibility of purchasing knock-off or counterfeit items. The underground market for fake luxury watches, including Rolex, is prevalent, making it vital for buyers to exercise caution and authenticate their purchases. Rupert was fortunate that the Rolex he acquired was genuine, but this outcome cannot be guaranteed in every instance.

Impact of This Event on Auction Culture

Rupert's remarkable Rolex deal has the potential to impact the culture of auctions, particularly at Greasby's Auction House. Such success stories capture the imagination of the public and generate interest in participating in auctions. The allure of finding undervalued treasures and achieving substantial profits stimulates hope in potential buyers, leading to increased patronage at auction houses.

However, the influx of buyers inspired by Rupert's success could also result in increased competition and potential price inflation at auctions. Buyers may be more willing to outbid each other in hopes of replicating or surpassing Rupert's lucrative deal, driving up prices for valuable items. This change in the auction landscape could create a more challenging environment for those seeking affordable treasures.

Expert’s Views

Experts in the auction industry have provided valuable insights into the implications of Rupert's Rolex deal and similar occurrences. They acknowledge the potential for auctions to yield exceptional profits but caution against blindly entering the market without proper knowledge and . Experts emphasize the importance of understanding the risks involved and developing a comprehensive strategy before delving into auction buying.

In terms of future predictions, experts expect an increased interest in auctions and a higher demand for expert knowledge to navigate the auction landscape successfully. They anticipate that similar lucrative deals may occur but emphasize the need for caution and expertise to ensure genuine opportunities are seized.


Rupert's unexpected Rolex deal at Greasby's Auction House has shed light on the fascinating world of auctions and the potential rewards they offer. The story serves as a reminder of the hidden value that can be found in seemingly ordinary items and the thrills of participating in the bidding process.

While the risks of purchasing counterfeit items and facing increased competition loom, the rewards of auction buying are undeniable. Rupert's responsible approach to his newfound wealth reinforces the notion that auction purchases can be a stepping stone towards financial security.

For potential auction buyers, the lessons learned from Rupert's success story emphasize the importance of , caution, and a comprehensive strategy. By understanding the risks and rewards of auction buying, enthusiasts can navigate the auction landscape with confidence and potentially unearth their own hidden treasures.

Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/news/lost-rolex-sells-20-times-buyer-paid-auction

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