Ben & Jerry’s Unveils 2 New Flavors Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Calling all Ben & Jerry's fans! Get ready to indulge in not one, but two delicious new flavors just in time for Valentine's Day. The iconic ice cream company is introducing PB S'more, a delightful twist on the classic campfire dessert, with extra-large pieces of chocolate peanut butter cups and a toasted marshmallow ice cream base. And for those who prefer a salty-sweet combo, there's Impretzively Fudged, featuring pretzel swirls and fudge-covered pretzel pieces in rich chocolate ice cream. Whether you have a sweet tooth or crave a bit of saltiness, Ben & Jerry's has got you covered. So grab a pint and treat yourself this Valentine's Day!

Background on Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's is a well-known ice cream brand that has captured the hearts of countless ice cream lovers around the world. Founded in 1978 in Vermont, USA, by childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the brand has become synonymous with unique and innovative flavors that push the boundaries of traditional ice cream.

History of Ben & Jerry's

The story of Ben & Jerry's began when Ben and Jerry decided to take a $5 correspondence course on ice cream making. Armed with their newfound knowledge, they rented a small space in Burlington, Vermont, and started their journey into the ice cream industry. From the very beginning, Ben & Jerry's aimed to create a business that not only provided delicious ice cream but also prioritized social and environmental causes.

Their commitment to social justice and sustainability has been evident throughout the brand's history. They have supported various causes, including civil rights, marriage equality, and climate change, and have actively implemented environmentally friendly practices in their ice cream production.

Popular Ben & Jerry's flavors

Over the years, Ben & Jerry's has gained recognition for its wide range of creative and indulgent flavors. Some of their most popular flavors include “Chunky Monkey,” a combination of banana ice cream with fudge chunks and walnuts, and “Phish Food,” which features chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirls, caramel swirls, and fudge fish.

The brand takes pride in using high-quality , including fair trade and non-GMO products. This commitment to quality and taste has earned them a dedicated fan base who eagerly await new flavor releases.

Previous Valentine’s Day releases

Valentine's Day is a special occasion for lovebirds and ice cream enthusiasts alike. Ben & Jerry's has a history of releasing limited edition flavors specifically for this romantic holiday. In the past, flavors like “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” and “Strawberry Cheesecake” have been a hit among couples and singles alike, offering a sweet treat to celebrate love and friendship.

New Flavors Introduction

This year, Ben & Jerry's is once again bringing excitement to Valentine's Day with the introduction of two new flavors: PB Smore's and Impretzively Fudged. These flavors promise to captivate the taste buds and offer unique combinations of sweet and salty flavors.

PB Smore’s

PB Smore's is a delightful twist on the classic campfire dessert. Ben & Jerry's has taken the nostalgic flavors of s'mores and added a peanut butter twist to create a truly indulgent experience. This flavor is perfect for those who love the combination of chocolate, marshmallow, and peanut butter.

Impretzively Fudged

Impretzively Fudged is a flavor that caters to those who enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors. Combining the irresistible taste of pretzels with rich and creamy chocolate, this flavor is a celebration of the popular chocolate bark treat. It offers a unique texture with fudge-covered pretzel pieces and a decadent pretzel swirl.

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Flavor Profile: PB S’more

PB S'more showcases a blend of flavors that make it a standout flavor in Ben & Jerry's lineup. Let's delve into the various elements that contribute to this tantalizing flavor.

Incorporation of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter lovers rejoice! PB S'more features extra-large pieces of chocolate peanut butter cups, offering a burst of sweetness with every bite. The creamy and nutty flavor of the peanut butter perfectly complements the other elements in the flavor profile.

Inspiration from campfire dessert

S'mores are a classic campfire dessert loved by many. Ben & Jerry's drew inspiration from this beloved treat and recreated the experience in a pint of ice cream. The toasted marshmallow ice cream base captures the essence of roasted marshmallows, while graham cracker pieces add a delightful crunch reminiscent of the traditional s'more.

Special choco-peanut butter chunks

One of the highlights of PB S'more is the inclusion of generous choco-peanut butter chunks. These indulgent chunks, made with high-quality chocolate and peanut butter, offer a delightful surprise with every spoonful. They add a creamy, chocolatey, and nutty element that takes the flavor to a whole new level.

Base details

To perfectly balance the flavors and textures of PB S'more, Ben & Jerry's has created a base that complements all the other elements. The toasted marshmallow ice cream base is rich and creamy, providing a velvety backdrop for the delicious mix-ins. With each spoonful, you'll experience a harmonious blend of flavors that feels like a cozy campfire gathering.

Role of Flavor Guru

Behind every delectable flavor created by Ben & Jerry's is a talented Flavor Guru. These individuals have the expertise and creativity to develop unique combinations that tantalize our taste buds. Let's learn more about the Flavor Guru responsible for the creation of PB S'more.

Who is José Ureña?

José Ureña is a seasoned Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry's. With years of experience and a passion for innovation, he plays a pivotal role in the development of new flavors. Ureña is known for his dedication to creating flavors that not only taste exceptional but also evoke emotions and memories.

His contribution to new flavors

As the mastermind behind PB S'more, Ureña poured his heart and soul into the creation of this flavor. He listened to the pleas of Ben & Jerry's fans for chocolate peanut butter cups and successfully incorporated them into a nostalgic dessert. Ureña's creativity and attention to detail resulted in a flavor that captures the essence of a s'more experience while adding the beloved twist of peanut butter.

His comments on the PB S’more flavor

When asked about PB S'more, Ureña shared his excitement about the flavor and the inspiration behind it. He mentioned an internal team tasting, affectionately referred to as a “s'moregasbord,” where they explored various ways to enjoy s'mores. Ureña expressed confidence that fans would enjoy this interpretation, citing the limitless combinations and the perfect balance of flavors found in PB S'more.

Related Products: Ben & Jerry's Beer

Ben & Jerry's is not shy when it comes to pushing the boundaries of creativity. In addition to their delicious ice cream flavors, they have ventured into the realm of beer collaborations. One notable collaboration is with New Belgium Beer, resulting in unique beer flavors inspired by Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

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New Belgium Beer and its connection to Ben & Jerry's

New Belgium Beer, a renowned craft beer brewery, joined forces with Ben & Jerry's to create a beer lineup that complements their ice cream flavors. The collaboration aims to bring the joy of indulging in Ben & Jerry's ice cream and savoring a cold brew to a whole new level.

Other unique combinations

In addition to the collaboration with New Belgium Beer, Ben & Jerry's has explored other exciting combinations. From limited edition flavors created with other brands to ice cream-filled baked goods, they consistently seek to surprise and delight their fans with unexpected pairings.

Flavor Profile: Impretzively Fudged

Impretzively Fudged is a flavor that caters to those who appreciate the contrast between sweet and salty flavors. Here, we will delve into the elements that make this flavor an enticing choice.

Suitability for Salt lovers

Impretzively Fudged is the perfect option for those who crave a little saltiness with their sweetness. The flavor profile incorporates salty pretzels, creating a unique balance that satisfies both the sweet tooth and the salt lover.

Role of Pretzels in the flavor

Pretzels play a starring role in Impretzively Fudged, providing a distinct crunch and a touch of saltiness. The pretzels in this flavor are carefully selected to ensure they maintain their texture in the ice cream, offering a delightful contrast to the velvety smoothness of the chocolate ice cream.

Combination with Fudge

To enhance the richness and indulgence of Impretzively Fudged, Ben & Jerry's has added a fudge swirl that beautifully complements the pretzels and chocolate ice cream. This combination creates a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds with every spoonful.

Flavor Guru’s Advice on Impretzively Fudged

Much like José Ureña, the Flavor Guru responsible for Impretzively Fudged, Natalia Butler possesses a wealth of expertise and creativity when it comes to creating irresistible flavors for Ben & Jerry's. Let's explore her insights into this tantalizing new flavor.

Who is Natalia Butler?

Natalia Butler is a talented Flavor Guru who brings her passion for flavors and an expert palate to the Ben & Jerry's team. With a background in food science, she combines her knowledge and creativity to develop flavors that captivate the senses.

Her expertise on flavors

Butler's vast knowledge of flavor profiles enables her to create harmonious blends that leave a lasting impression. She understands the delicate balance between sweetness and saltiness and has mastered the art of creating flavors that marry these elements seamlessly.

Her tips on enjoying Impretzively Fudged

Butler suggests taking the indulgence of Impretzively Fudged to the next level with a simple yet delightful twist. She recommends crumbling up some potato chips or your favorite salty snack and sprinkling it on top of the ice cream. This adds an extra layer of salty crunch that elevates the flavor and brings a unique dimension to your ice cream experience.

Eating Challenge

With the arrival of the new year, many individuals embark on resolutions to adopt healthier eating habits and hit the gym. The introduction of these new flavors poses an interesting challenge for those striving to stay true to their resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions about diet and gym

For many, a new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to adopt healthier habits. Common resolutions include reducing sugar intake, eating more fruits and vegetables, and increasing physical activity through regular gym sessions.

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How these new flavors test the resolution

The arrival of PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged tempts those with New Year's resolutions towards healthier eating. These indulgent flavors present a challenge for those striving to maintain a balanced diet. However, it's important to remember that occasional indulgence can be a part of a lifestyle, and balance is key.

Anticipation for the New Flavors

The announcement of PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged has generated excitement among ice cream enthusiasts and fans of Ben & Jerry's. Let's assess the public's response and predict the impact these flavors will have on the brand's image.

Public response evaluation

Initial reactions to the introduction of these new flavors have been overwhelmingly positive. Ice cream lovers have expressed their eagerness to try these unique combinations, praising Ben & Jerry's for their creativity and commitment to delivering exciting flavors.

Predicted sales dynamic

Given the brand's strong reputation and loyal fan base, it is likely that PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged will enjoy significant sales success. The enticing flavor profiles, combined with the anticipation surrounding limited edition releases, will likely drive demand for these new offerings.

Impact on brand’s image

Ben & Jerry's has consistently been seen as a frontrunner in the ice cream industry, known for their bold flavors and commitment to social and environmental values. The introduction of these new flavors further solidifies their reputation as a brand that continues to innovate and captivate consumers. PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged showcase the brand's unwavering creativity and dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional ice cream flavors.

Availability and Distribution

For eager ice cream enthusiasts, knowing where and how to get their hands on these new flavors is crucial. Here's a look at the availability and distribution of PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged.

Stores and locations of Availability

Ben & Jerry's ice cream can be found in various stores across the United States and internationally. From dedicated Ben & Jerry's scoop shops to grocery stores and convenience stores, the availability of these new flavors will depend on the location and specific outlets.

Online shopping

For those unable to find PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged at a local store, Ben & Jerry's offers online shopping . Through their website, customers can explore the full range of flavors and have their ice cream delivered right to their doorstep.

Anticipated shortage and stock

Given the buzz surrounding these new flavors, it's possible that there may be a high demand resulting in a temporary shortage of stock. Ice cream enthusiasts are advised to keep an eye on the Ben & Jerry's website and social media channels for updates on availability and any potential restocks.

As Valentine's Day approaches, anticipation for the release of Ben & Jerry's PB S'more and Impretzively Fudged continues to build. These new flavors promise to delight taste buds and offer unique combinations of sweet and savory flavors. With the expertise of Flavor Gurus José Ureña and Natalia Butler behind these creations, it's no wonder that the public response has been overwhelmingly positive. As fans eagerly await the opportunity to indulge in these delectable treats, Ben & Jerry's demonstrates once again why they are a beloved and innovative brand in the ice cream industry.


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